Thank you for your interest in Syringa Mountain School. We are a free public charter school serving Kindergarten through 6th grades. We are a compassionate community of curious and creative learners.

Waldorf education is steeped in celebrating traditions, developing the whole child, and student-driven learning. Our nature-based education and integrated arts programs assist our students to become creative and thoughtful future leaders.

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2017-2018 Enrollment:

Syringa Mountain School is a public charter school.  Public charter schools in the State of Idaho follow a state mandated process for admissions and enrollment (see Idaho Code Statue 33-5205). When demand for enrollment exceeds the number of available spaces public charters must, annually, hold an enrollment lottery.

Registration for the 2017-2018 School year is now open! Open Enrollment has occurred and we still have space available.

Read more about the lottery procedure for charter schools.  Open tours of our school are on-going and encouraged!  Please give the school a call (208-806-2880) prior to coming if you are able so we know to expect you!

Enrollment forms may be submitted via:

Mail or drop off at: 4021 Glenbrook Dr. Hailey, ID  83333

Complete the Online Form.


MID-YEAR CONSIDERATION: If you have read about the curriculum we offer that is guided by the core principles of Waldorf education and would like your child to attend the school, we welcome you to review our Mid Year Transfer Procedures.